1. Efficiency - 90% of those who try it will get the result – stretching of the spine, and many others will feel decrease of pain just in 30 seconds or after the first use
  2. Convenience of use: for example, do not have to hang upside down. That means that the stretch can be easily used by both young and aged people
  3. Easy operation of the device. Any, even an elderly person can start to work with the stretcher very quickly
  4. All you do, is completely under your control. You regulate your spine stretching
  5. The device doesn't take much space
  6. You will learn, how to use the stretcher and be able to help your family members and friends

If you stretch properly only 5 minutes every day, you make 10 stretches, 30 seconds each. This is completely sufficient to bring your spine to the normal condition

Take a towel, fold it several times and lay it down under support - the lower part. Put lower part closer to the abdomen, watch the video once again

Yes, I can agree with you. But from another side the price is fully justified. You and all your family members will use a stretcher for many years. Let’s say, you are a man, and today you are 50 years old. You can easily live another 30 years. Which means that a stretcher will cost you only $5 a year. And if your wife also uses a stretcher, that is already only 2 dollars and 50 cents per year per person. Another example - the jar of vitamins cost $25, and it's only for one month, meanwhile, the stretcher you will use for many years. It is not a waste of money, but an investment in your own health

It was six months ago. I had severe pain in low back. My girlfriend gave me to try stretcher. I started stretching and immediately I saw result. My pain was less and less with every stretching. I started to enjoy my life again. I have been recommending stretcher to all my friends and coworkers, who have back problems.
My name is Anna, I am 43 years old. The low back periodically was very painful.. I was at a friend's home. My friend gave me a try to stretch out. It became easier the first time, after about a minute. I was stretched for two days. Pain in the back and lower back almost completely disappeared. I went and bought a second stretcher for my mom. She is 69 years old. Using stretcher is very simple. I explained everything to mom in five minutes. Do not even hesitate to buy. I bought it myself on the recommendation of a friend and now I recommend it to everyone.
Hello. My name is Alla. I want to share with you my impressions of the magic wand. My mother, 2 years ago, then she was 81 years old, fell very badly and injured her back. Doctors said that only surgery will help. Mom said she would never go for surgery. The whole year she was in severe pain. Nothing helped. I was advised to try stretcher. I took it from friends. Mom felt better after the first stretching of the spine, and her health began to improve rapidly. Today she is 83 years old, and she walks well. She uses stretcher 3-4 times a week. She practically does not complain of pain in the back and lower back. I could not even imagine that such a thing was possible. I bought stretcher for myself. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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Naum Nakhimovsky
Naturopathic Doctor